sap bpc training - BW and BPC tables

sap bpc and BW tables

BW Table Naming Conventions Description
1 /XXX/H**** Hierarchy (XXX - BPC ID assigned at creation)
2 /XXX/I**** Hierarchy MID structure (same as above)
3 /XXX/J**** Hierarchy interval (same as above)
4 /XXX/K**** Hierarchy MID table (same as above)
      Check Tables:
5 /XXX/M**** Master data / attributes
6 /XXX/S**** Master data MID
7 /XXX/T**** Master data text table
8 /XXX/U**** Master data text view
9 /XXX/N**** Generated table view
10 /XXX/OI**** Data elment
11 /XXX/O**** Domain
      Communication Structure
12 /BIC/CS**** Communication structures
      Transfer Structures:
13 /BIC/CAC**** Transfer structure application (locally created)
14 /BIC/CAD**** Transfer structure application (SAP delivered)
15 /BIC/CID**** Transfer structure IDoc
16 /BIC/B000**** Transfer structure application (PSA)
17 /CPMB/F***** Fact Table
18 /CPMB/D****N Characteristics Dimension.  N is the dimension #
19 /CPMB/D****P Data packet
20 /CPMB/D****N Time Dimension (BPC specific dimension)
21 /CPMB/D****N Unit Dimension (BPC specific dimension) - sometimes considered the RPTCURRENCY dimension
SE16 BW/BPC Table Description
1 UJ0_ACTION BPC: Actions for BPC Statistics
2 UJ0_ACTIONT BPC: Action Texts
3 UJ0_AUTO_CONTENT BPC: Auto update file content.
4 UJ0_AUTO_UPDATE BPC: Autoupdate
5 UJ0_CLUS_PARAM Parameter Cluster Table for Parallel Calculation
6 UJ0_EVENTS BPC: Events
7 UJ0_EVENTST BPC: Events Texts
8 UJ0_FACTORY BPC: System table for BPC Factories
9 UJ0_INNER_PARAM BPC: internal parameter
10 UJ0_NAME_RULE BPC: Rules for BPC Object Names
11 UJ0_PARAM BPC Parameters Independent of Appset and Application
12 UJ0_PARAM_APP BPC Parameters Dependent of Appset and Application
13 UJ0_PARAM_APPT Text table for UJ0_PARAM_APP
14 UJ0_PARAM_CHECK BPC: Check IMG parameters
15 UJ0_PARAMT Text table for UJ0_PARAM
16 UJ0_PLAN BPC: Plan
17 UJ0_PLAN_LOG BPC: Plan Log
18 UJ0_PLANT BPC: Plan Description
19 UJ0_SCHEDULE BPC: Schedule Information
20 UJ0_STAT_DTL BPC: Statistics Detailed Info
21 UJ0_STAT_HDR BPC: Statistics Header
22 UJ0_UT_DETAIL BPC:Unit test report details
23 UJ0_UT_FILE BPC: Unit Test Files
24 UJ0_UT_FLOG BPC: Unit Test File Change Log
25 UJA_APP_RECATT Recommended attributes for dimension and application types
26 UJA_APPL BPC: Applications
27 UJA_APPL_DIM_JOB BPC: Application's dimension for job usage
28 UJA_APPLT BPC: Application Text
29 UJA_APPSET_INFO BPC: Application Set Info
30 UJA_APPSETT BPC: Application Set Text
31 UJA_APST_TYP_APP BPC: Application Set type required Application types
32 UJA_APTYP_DIMTYP BPC: Application type required dimension types
33 UJA_DIM_APPL BPC: Application Dimensions
34 UJA_DIM_ATHIER BPC: Dimension Hierarchy Info
35 UJA_DIM_ATTR BPC: Dimension attribute
36 UJA_DIM_HIER Contains the hierarchies of the dimensions
37 UJA_DIM_HIER_MAP BPC: Mapping for hierarchy and hierarchy cache tables
38 UJA_DIM_OBSERVER BPC: Dimension observer
39 UJA_DIM_OPT BPC: Table of dimension option
40 UJA_DIMENSION BPC: Dimensions
41 UJA_DIMENSIONT BPC: Dimension Text
42 UJA_DMTYP_REFTYP BPC: Required Reference Dimension and Property for Dim Types
43 UJA_DMTYP_REQATT BPC: Dimension Type required Atttributes
44 UJA_DOMAIN BPC: Domains
45 UJA_DOMAINT BPC: Domain Text
46 UJA_FILTER BPC:  Filter Table
47 UJA_FORMULA BPC: Formula template
48 UJA_FORMULA_APP BPC: Formula per Application
49 UJA_HIER_CLASS BPC: Hierarchy class
50 UJA_LAST_APPSET Contains the last used appset for users
51 UJA_LAST_USER BPC: Last Application user has accessed
52 UJA_LOGGED_ON BPC: User Logon History
53 UJA_REQ_FS_STRUC BPC: Required File Service Strcuture Defintion
55 UJA_SHM_DEF BPC: Shared Memory Definition for Appset
56 UJA_SVR_DEFAULT BPC: Server Defaults
57 UJA_USER_CV BPC: Current View
58 UJA_USER_DEF BPC: User defaults
59 UJA_VALID_VAL BPC: Valid Value
60 UJA3_CLT_OPT BPC: Cilent option
61 UJA3_LANGU BPC: Language
62 UJA3_SFT_VERSION BPC: Software version
63 UJA3_USER_LANGU BPC: User Language
64 UJAAR_JOB_INFO BPC: Basic information regarding the ongoing jobs
65 UJAAR_JOB_INFOT Message information for the jobs
66 UJAM_HIER_TRANS BPC: Hierarchy Transformers
67 UJB_DEPEND BPC: BPF Dependency
68 UJB_DRV_DIM BPC: Table of BPF step DRV DIM
69 UJB_DRV_DIM_A BPC: Table of BPF step DRV DIM
70 UJB_EMAIL10 BPC: BPF Email template table
71 UJB_EMAIL10_T BPC: BPF Email template table texts
72 UJB_INST BPC: BPF Instance
73 UJB_INST_A BPC: BPF Instance
74 UJB_INST_OWN BPC: Table of BPF instance owner
75 UJB_INST_OWN_A BPC: Table of BPF instance owner
76 UJB_JOB_IDT BPF: Job Identifier
77 UJB_JOB_PARA BPF: Job parameters
78 UJB_MEM_ITEM BPC: BPF Drive Dimesion Member Item
79 UJB_MEM_ITEM_A BPC: BPF Drive Dimesion Member Item
80 UJB_MIG_TSK BPF Task Migration 7.5 -> 10.0
81 UJB_RGN_ACC BPC: BPF Step Region Access
82 UJB_RGN_ACC_A BPC: BPF Step Region Access
83 UJB_SEND_JOB BPF Notification Send Job
84 UJB_STATUS_MAP BPF: Step Region status mapping
87 UJB_STEP_RGN BPC: Table of BPF Step Region
88 UJB_STEP_RGN_A BPC: Table of BPF Step Region
89 UJB_STEPT BPC: Text table of BPF step
90 UJB_STEPT_A BPC: Text table of BPF step
91 UJB_TMPL BPC: Table of BPF Template Version
92 UJB_TMPL_A BPC: Table of BPF Template
93 UJB_TMPL_ACC BPC: Table of BPF Template Access
94 UJB_TMPL_ACC_A BPC: Table of BPF Template Access
95 UJB_TMPL_HDR BPC: Table of BPF Template Version
96 UJB_TMPL_HDR_A BPC: Table of BPF Template
97 UJB_TMPL_HDRT BPC: Text Table of BPF Template
98 UJB_TMPL_HDRT_A BPC: Text Table of BPF Template
99 UJB_TMPLT BPC: Text Table of BPF Template
100 UJB_TMPLT_A BPC: Text Table of BPF Template
101 UJCTRL_ASSIGNMT BPC: Assignements
104 UJCTRL_CT_FILE BPC: Control Storage for Linked Documents
105 UJCTRL_CT_SET_AS BPC: controls contained in control sets
106 UJCTRL_CTRL_SET BPC: Control set
107 UJCTRL_CTRL_SETT BPC: Control Text
108 UJD_CLASSES BPC: Classes
109 UJD_CLUSTER_TB2 BPC: Store Temp Data (Replace UJD_CLUSTER_TABLE)
110 UJD_DATA_INFO BPC: Information for Data in Cluster Table
111 UJD_DEF_INSTRUCT BPC: Default Instruction
113 UJD_IP_INIT BPC: InfoProvider Delta Initialization
114 UJD_IP_INITT BPC: InfoProvider Delta Initialization Tex
115 UJD_LINK BPC: Link
116 UJD_LINK_LOG BPC: Link Log
117 UJD_LINK_TYPE BPC: Link Type
118 UJD_LK_PRO_LOG BPC: Link Property Log (Replace UJD_LINK_PRO_LOG)
119 UJD_LK_TASK_LOG BPC: Link Task Log
120 UJD_PACKAGE_LINK BPC: Package Link
121 UJD_PACKAGE_PLAN BPC: Package Plan
123 UJD_PACKAGEST2 BPC: Package Text (Replace UJD_PACKAGEST)
124 UJD_PK_PLAN_MAP BPC: Map between Package and Plan
125 UJD_PLINK_LOG BPC: Package Link Log
126 UJD_PLINK_PLAN BPC: Package Link Plan
127 UJD_PLK_PLAN_MAP BPC: Map between Package Link and Plan
128 UJD_PRCPARAM BPC: Process Parameter
129 UJD_STATUS BPC: Package Status
130 UJE_CMS_ATTR BPC: attributes for CMS migration use
131 UJE_CMS_USERINFO BPC: user inforamtion for CMS migration us
132 UJE_FLDR_TEAM BPC10: BUI Folder UUID and Team mapping table
133 UJE_MBRACS_TEMPL BPC: Template Table used by Member Access
134 UJE_MEM_BWAU_MAP BPC10: Map table
135 UJE_MEMACC_CACHE BPC10:imension member access table
136 UJE_MEMACCESS BPC10:imension member access table
137 UJE_PARAMETER BPC10: Parameter table
138 UJE_PROFILE BPC: Security profile table
139 UJE_PROFILE_AGR BPC10: Appset profile active group
140 UJE_PROFILE_ASIN BPC: Profile assignment
141 UJE_PROFILET BPC: Profile Text
142 UJE_ROLE BPC: Security roles
143 UJE_ROLE_TSKASGN BPC: Security roles task assignment
144 UJE_ROLET BPC: Role Text
145 UJE_TASK BPC: Task security task table
146 UJE_TASK_SEC BPC: Task security
147 UJE_TASK_SECT BPC: Task security Text
148 UJE_TASKACCESS BPC: Task access table for combining task
149 UJE_TASKGROUP BPC: Task security group table
150 UJE_TASKGROUPT BPC: Task Group Text
151 UJE_TASKT BPC: Task Text
152 UJE_TEAM BPC: Team
153 UJE_TEAM_AGR BPC10: Appset team active group
154 UJE_TEAM_MULTAGR BPC10: Team's single active groups. BPC impl of Team
155 UJE_TEAMT BPC: Team Text
156 UJE_USER BPC: Application users
157 UJE_USER_AGR BPC10: Appset user active group
158 UJE_USER_SETTING BPC: The perferences for Users
159 UJE_USER_SPECAGR BPC10: Directly assigned team agrs not inherited
160 UJE_USER_TEAM BPC: User team
161 UJE_VIEW_MAP DB View for memeber access profile
162 UJE_VIEW_TP DB View for task profile
163 UJF_APPSERV_DIR BPC File Service Application Server Direct
164 UJF_DOC BPC File Service Document Master Table
165 UJF_DOC_ACCESS BPC: File Service Security Check Table, on Sub Module w level
166 UJF_DOC_CLUSTER BPC File Service Document Cluster Table
167 UJF_DOCMAP BPC File Service Document Directory Path Mapping Table
168 UJF_DOCTREE BPC File Service Document Tree Table
169 UJG_DT BPC: DrillThrough Target
170 UJG_DT_FIELD BPC: DrillThrough Field
171 UJG_DT_MAPPING BPC: DrillThrough Field Mapping
172 UJG_DTT BPC: DrillThrough Text
173 UJH_COLLABSTYPE BPC: Content sub type
174 UJH_COLLABSTYPET BPC: Content sub type text
175 UJH_COLLABTYPE BPC: Content type
176 UJH_COLLABTYPET BPC: Content type text
177 UJH_EMAIL10 BPC: Content Library Email table.
178 UJH_EMAIL10T BPC: Content Library Email Title Text table
179 UJH_RCPT_TEAM BPC: Recipient Team
180 UJH_RCPT_USER BPC: Recipient User
181 UJH_WEB_CONT_OBJ BPC: Web content Object
182 UJH_WEB_CONTENTS BPC: Web Contents
183 UJJ_DEPTBL BPC: Dimension dependence table
184 UJJ_JRN_ID_NR Number range for journal idsof an application
185 UJJ_JRNBACKUP BPC: backup information for Journal template
186 UJJ_JRNID_NRANGE Number range for journal ids of an application
187 UJJ_JRNL BPC: Journals parameters
188 UJJ_JRNL_ADITMS BPC: Journal extra parameters
189 UJJ_JRNTMPL_INFO BPC: Journals template
190 UJJ_MEMSET BPC: Dimension member set
191 UJJ_TMPL_ADITMS BPC: Addtional items for template
192 UJJ_TMPL_FLDS BPC: Journal header fields
193 UJJ_TRANS_DETAIL BPC: Journal transformation detail
194 UJJ_TRANS_MASTER BPC: Journal transformation master
195 UJK_LGX_CONTEXT BPC: Script Logic LGX file contexts
196 UJL_LIVEREPORTS BPC: Live report template table
197 UJL_LIVEREPORTST BPC: Live report text
198 UJM_IOBJ_SLT Table of Infoobjects with SLT
199 UJM_SLTXT_FORMUL Template for Super Long Text Table
200 UJM_SLTXT_MODEL Template for Super Long Text Table
201 UJO_PARAM BPC: UJO Technical parameters
202 UJP_CALC_ACCH BPC: Account Transformation headers
203 UJP_CALC_ACCHT BPC: Account Transformation header texts
204 UJP_CALC_ACCOUNT BPC: Account Transformation details
205 UJP_COPY_OPE BPC: Copy Opening
206 UJP_DIM_GENERATE BPC: Dimension Generation
207 UJP_ELIM BPC: Elimination Details
208 UJP_ELIMH BPC: Elimination header
209 UJP_ELIMHT BPC: Elimination header texts
210 UJP_FXTRANS BPC: Currency Translation detail
211 UJP_FXTRANSH BPC: Currency Translation header
212 UJP_FXTRANSHT BPC: Texts for Currency Translation header
213 UJP_ICBOOK BPC: IC Booking
214 UJP_ICBOOKH BPC: IC Booking headers
215 UJP_ICBOOKHT BPC: IC Booking header texts
216 UJP_METHOD BPC: Method
217 UJP_METHODH BPC: Method headers
218 UJP_METHODHT BPC: Method texts
219 UJP_PROC_LOG Consolidation Process error log
220 UJP_PROC_STEP BPC: Process Step of Consolidation
221 UJP_PROC_STEP_A BPC: Archive Table of Consolidation Process
222 UJP_RULE BPC: Rule Details
223 UJP_RULEH BPC: Rule Header
224 UJP_RULEHT BPC: Rule Header texts
225 UJP_STAMP_CONS BPC: Time Stamp Table for Consolidation Result
226 UJP_STAMP_CT BPC: Time Stamp Tabl for CT Result
227 UJP_STAMP_ENT BPC: Time Stamp table for Transaction Data
228 UJP_US_ELIM BPC: US Elimination
229 UJP_UT_CONFIG BPC: Consolidation UT Engine Configuration
230 UJP_UT_LOG BPC: Consolidation UT Engine Configuration
231 UJP_VALID_DEF BPC: Validation Logic Definition
232 UJP_VALID_LOGIC BPC: Necessary dimension and property for specific logs
233 UJP_VALIDATION BPC: Validation
234 UJP_VALIDATIONH BPC: Validation Header
235 UJQ_PARAM BPC: Application specific customer info
236 UJR_PARAM BPC: Application specific customer info
237 UJS_COMP_CLEAN BPC: Component Clean class
238 UJS_CONTENT_OBJ BPC Content Activation - Objects
239 UJT_APPL_DATA BPC: Rollback data for application
240 UJT_APPSET_VERS BPC: Appset version
241 UJT_CLM_BUFFER BPC: CLM buffer table for data upload and download
242 UJT_CLM_CHECK BPC: Store CLM check information
243 UJT_CLM_CLUSTER BPC: CLM data buffer table
244 UJT_ENTITY_CLASS BPC Transports - Entity classes
245 UJT_ENTITY_FILE BPC: file path for entity
246 UJT_GUID BPC: GUID mapping table
247 UJT_ID_MAPPING BPC: Impot job information
248 UJT_IMPORT_JOB BPC: Impot job information
249 UJT_IMPORT_LOCK BPC: Import lock table
250 UJT_TRANS_DEL BPC Transports - Deleted entity
251 UJT_TRANS_FILE BPC Transports - Shadow File Table
252 UJT_TRANS_OBJECT BPC Transports - Shadow Object Table
253 UJT_TRANS_VAL BPC Transports 7.X-Transportable Values-Admin Default Table
254 UJT_VAL_CONFIG BPC: transport setting for configuration
255 UJU_AUD_ARCHDYS BPC: Audit Archive days
256 UJU_AUD_CTL BPC: Audit control
257 UJU_AUDACTCOD BPC: Audit activity codes
258 UJU_AUDACTCODT BPC: Audit activity codes
259 UJU_AUDACTDET BPC: Activity audit detail
260 UJU_AUDACTDET_A BPC: Activity audit detail Archive
261 UJU_AUDACTHDR BPC: Activity audit header
262 UJU_AUDACTHDR_A BPC: Activity audit header Archive
263 UJU_AUDDATAHDR BPC: Activity audit data
264 UJU_AUDDATAHDR_A BPC: Activity audit data
265 UJU_AUDSTING BPC: Audit settings
266 UJU_FUNC_TASK BPC: Audit Funcational Task
267 UJU_FUNC_TASKT BPC: Audit Funcational Task
268 UJU_META BPC: Audit Metadata
269 UJU_METAT BPC: Audit Metadata
270 UJV_DRVDIM BPC Validations - Driver Dimensions Table
271 UJV_MODULES BPC Validations - Module On/Off Table
272 UJV_RULE_LOGIC BPC Validations - Rule Logic
273 UJV_RULE_MBRS BPC Validations - Rule Members
274 UJV_RULES BPC Validations - Rules
275 UJW_APPL_STATUS Application lock status cache
276 UJW_EMAIL10 BPC Work Status - Email Setting Table
277 UJW_EMAIL10T BPC Work Status - Email Setting Text Table
278 UJW_LCK_DIM BPC Work Status - Lock Dimension Table
279 UJW_STATCODE BPC Work Status - Status Code Table
280 UJW_STATCODET BPC Work Status - Status Code Text Table
281 UJW_UPD_LOG BPC Work Status - Locks Update Log Table
282 UJX0_AT_CASE_RS testcase result view
283 UJX0_AT_EXEC AT execution overview table
284 UJX0_AT_RESULT AT Result table
285 UJX0_AT_RS_CASE automation test result of testcase level
286 UJX0_AT_SUBSCRIB AT test result subscriber table
287 UJX0_AT_TESTCASE BPC: automation test test case table
288 UJX0_AT_TESTLOG BPC: automation test test case record logs
289 UJX0_TMP_REC BPC: automation test temp record list tabl
290 UJX0_USER_REC BPC: automation test user recordable and sequence list table
291 UJXA_JOB_INFO BPC: Basic information regarding the ongoing jobs
292 UJXA_JOB_INFOT Message information for the jobs
293 UJXO_CLUSTER_TBL Cluster table to store shared buffer for dimension cache
294 UJXO_DIM_CACHE Dimension cache
295 UJY_AVA_BAND BPC: AVA Performance band
296 UJY_AVA_BANDPRO BPC: AVA performance band properities
297 UJY_AVA_GLO_COMP BPC: Glpbal dimension comparison
298 UJY_AVA_GLOBAL BPC: AVA global configuration
299 UJY_AVA_GLOBAND BPC: AVA Global Performance band
301 UJY_AVA_KPI_AUTH BPC: AVA KPI authorization
303 UJY_AVA_KPI_COMP BPC: KPI dimension comparison
304 UJY_AVA_KPI_CONS BPC: KPI dimension constraint
305 UJY_AVA_KPIT BPC: Text table of  KPI
306 UJY_AVA_NONTRAV BPC: AVA non traversal dimension
307 UJY_DBB_C_FML BPC: Customer defined formula
308 UJY_DBB_C_FMLT BPC: Text table of customer defined formula
309 UJY_DBB_CMPR BPC: Comparator in condition
310 UJY_DBB_COND BPC: Condition of operand
311 UJY_DBB_CONDT BPC: Text table of condition
312 UJY_DBB_CV BPC: Current view used in DBB (comparator, operand, etc.)
313 UJY_DBB_DRV BPC: Driver
314 UJY_DBB_DRVT BPC: Text table of driver
315 UJY_DBB_OPR BPC: Operand used in rule's formula
317 UJY_DBB_RULET BPC: Text table of rule
318 UJY_DBB_S_FML BPC: System delivered formula
319 UJY_DBB_S_FMLT BPC: Text table of system delivered formula
320 UJY_DBB_SCOPE BPC: Scope of rule in DBB
321 UJY_DBB_SQN BPC: Sequence
322 UJY_DBB_SQN_RULE BPC: Linkage of sequence and rules
323 UJY_DBB_SQNT BPC: Text table of sequence
324 UJY_V_SYS_FML BPC: Maintenance View of system formula
325 UJY_V_SYS_FMLT BPC: Maintenance View of text table of system formula
326 UJZ_BOOK_INFO BPC: Book information table
327 UJZ_FIXKEY BPC: Table of books fixkey
328 UJZ_PUB_BOOKS Table to store published books
329 UJZ_PUB_INFO BPC: detail information of published books